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The Joy of Gel Plate Printing

Date: August 18 & 19, 2023 in Chamblee, Georgia

A gel plate is a soft, translucent, and flexible plate that is used for transferring paint to paper. What can be done with this low-tech, no press needed plate, is truly exciting.
Using many materials such as transfers, stencils, paints and inks, markers, mark-making tools, and more, students will make prints that can stand alone or be used for collage, book-making, or anything you would use decorative paper for.
We will use some of these papers to make a strap book that can then be used for color swatches and design ideas.
Be prepared for instant gratification and addiction of the best kind!

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In the Bag & Outside the Box 

Date: September 2023 in Ballarat, Australia

A box is a wonderful container but it is so much more in the hands of an artist. It provides many surfaces for embellishment, collage, stitching and story-telling. It also lends itself to many sculptural possibilities.

Learn several surface design techniques, collaging and stitching as well as how to make reusable patterns and to work with different papers.

We will make a Japanese-inspired triangle bag that can fold flat and learn how it can also be the basis for other sculptural box form.

All levels of experience, including no experience welcome!


Once or twice a year I offer a series of workshops in Papermaking, Boro Paper Making, Book Making, Stitched Box Making, Wax Resist, and other Decorative Papers and other paper-related classes.

If this doesn’t suit you, there is another option available.

I welcome individuals and small groups who want to come to the studio for a custom-designed class. I even do classes as part of birthday parties or other celebrations. Come with your family or friends for a day (or several) of creative play or serious study.

Suggestions for Private or Small Group Workshops at Liberty Paper


  • Intro to papermaking /1-day
  • Setting up a studio /1-day
  • Boro-style papermaking / 2-day
  • papermaking for a personal project
  • Pigments & natural dyes / 2-day

MAKING ARTIST BOOKS (1-day workshops)

  • Ethiopian 2-needle Coptic
  • Origami Books
  • Japanese bindings
  • Mix of bindings
  • Strap-bound books
  • Concertinas & variations
  • Tunnel books

Wax Resist on Paper 1-day

Japanese Paste Papers 1-day

Hand-Stitched Paper Boxes 2-day

Japanese-Style Triangle Bags & Betty Bags 1-day

Stitching & Collage on Paper 1-day

Private Consultation/ hourly

Private Use of the Studio with Technical Support 

Cost for Workshops at Liberty Paper

Basic Workshops / $150 per day per person, Includes Materials

Private Consultation / $200 per hour , minimum of one hour

Private Use of the Studio with Technical Support / $150 per day per student, Materials Extra

The maximum number of students for papermaking is four (4) and for other workshops the maximum number of students is six (6).